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PA Sports is one of the leading sports companies based in BOLTON, UK and having many offices in Qatar and UAE which came to being in 2005. We are known as one of the leading companies in our industry in UK. Being one of the top sports companies PA Sports always depends upon our customers and we provide our services in such a way that our customers must visit us again and again. PA Sports always takes pride in services either they are players we provide to different clubs or the top quality equipment. Our services provided are second to none because we do not compromise on the needs and satisfaction of our most important customers.

PA Sports is providing a wide range of cricket equipment including Cricket Bats, Gloves, Pads and other cricket gears. PA Sports is also one of the most reliable name in companies that provide overseas and local top players to different clubs in UK. Our offices in UK, QATAR and UAE are providing top quality equipment to the world class players that help them in showing their abilities at their best. We provide equipment to the players with maximum comfort.

As one of the leading sports companies in UK one of the most important aspect of company’s progress is quality assurance. Neither a player nor a company can be successful only by following the footsteps of the predecessors. A player or a company should be open to new strategies. Innovation of new ideas and creation of new plans open the gates of new dimensions. PA Sports believes that any company can flourish only if it create new standards in top quality services any equipment.

WE always take privilege of the development that we have been making in creating a diverse atmosphere in PA Sports. In PA Sports we never think that work has been completed. PA Sports always values everyone’s uniqueness and we always provide such a working environment to our employees that everyone feels himself an authentic self.

We always tries to provide equal opportunity for all our working members irrespective of their race, age, gender, ethnicity or religion. We always try to maintain our high standards for our workplaces. We always provides an exceptional career development opportunity for our employees. We always encourages hardworking and creative minds that can help in Company’s progress by creating new idea and making new plans and new strategies. We provides our employees an environment where everyone in encouraged in an ongoing learning process where we always react positively on the mistakes of our employees which helps then in completing their hardest assignments with ease. This thing helps them in realizing that they are capable of doing anything and this motivation leads them to play an active role in the progress of company. These are the central concepts of the company’s services providing strategies which allow us to build new values and make progress of our company with the satisfaction of our customers. To Contact us Please call us on +44 7949 899823 or send your queries at info@pa-sports.uk

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